Kennel Daneskjold
Working Malinois

We are Finn Bertelsen and Margit Jensen.

We live in Denmark, close to Copenhagen.

We have 20 years experience with the Malinois.

We have been working with dogs since 1985.

We breed Malinois for working and dogsport.

We got our FCI - kennelname: Daneskjold, in 1990.


Our Kennel did, in 2002, receive a mark of honour from the Danish Kennel Club for progress in breeding malinois.

Finn is Judge for IPO and is educated by Danish Kennel Club.


We have exported Malinois for Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, England, Germany, Holland, Austria, Schweiz, Greece, Australia, Indonesia, New Zeeland, Canada and more countries in USA.


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